I know this seems so immature, and especially because I'm not a cat lover, BUT... I'm loving me some Grumpy Cat. Priss, Mrs. Sinclair and I text grumpy cat pictures daily to one another. Surely you've seen this grumpy cat I speak of on Facebook? If you're not on Facebook, then I just want you to know you're missing out on some funny stuff. Never fear, you'll miss out no longer because I bring you...... GRUMPY Cat! 

I betcha sing this all day long now. You're welcome.

This one I can really relate to. 
Priss laughed yesterday saying I'm grumpy and that Mrs. Sinclair should put my face on a grumpy cat. It cracked me up so I did it. I used Face in Hole and made myself a grumpy cat. 

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~Mrs. Albright
Finding Grumpy Cat humorous, like... 

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