National Girl Scout Cookie Day!

(Press release pulled from Girl Scout website)

February 8 is National Girl Scout Cookie Day!

Join in on the fun and festivities on National Girl Scout Cookie Day, when we'll celebrate the world's largest girl-led business and make it easy for you to buy or order cookies from your local Girl Scout Cookie Professional.

Your support helps us spread the word that buying Girl Scout cookies is more than just handing over money for a box. It's about the skills and learning a girl gains from interacting directly with you. It's about the experience of running her own cookie business and working with others. It's the reason we don't sell cookies online. And it's why we encourage you to buy your cookies from a Girl Scout.

Your purchase means you get tasty cookies—and a girl learns a lifetime of skills.

The RHOK is happy to support Girl Scout cookie day! Won't you support your local Girl Scouts and buy some yummy cookies today?

Download the app and find them quickly!

High tech, huh?

Yums all around,
The RHOK Stars

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