Sad Days

Today another parent's child took his own life. At school. Just a few miles from here.

For some reason today my 8 year old decided to ask many questions. And I had to explain things to her that I wish I didn't have to...

It's difficult to explain things going on in our world to your kids. Especially when the harm is self inflicted, or involves children their own age.

I was basically just faking my way through the conversation, but then went to find if I had managed it well, or needed to revisit anything. I found this site by a mom who is also a child psychologist:

I found it the most informative, and most helpful. Hopefully her tips may help someone else who needs it.

Unfortunately, I experienced suicide very early in life when a good friends father took his own life. Likewise, a friend of G's father did the same a few years ago. She just now realizes what that means- and made the correlation today. Another jolt to the heart.

For 24 hour help anyone can call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK(8255).

Mrs. S

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