Input on Protection, Please?

Protection for your mobile and electronic devices that is. You know those "coveted" items that none of us, not even our children can live without these days. We became one of those families at Christmas, now having a total of 5 iDevices. But we will not be one of these families...

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How do you protect your devices? 
The devices that cost so much and store so much information. When I became an iPhone user several years ago, I opted for the expensive route and went with the $50 Otterbox. I have since outfitted the other iDevices with the same and have yet to have a scratch, break, or any damage. I also learned that Amazon is my price friend on that product. My only gripe is after a few months, four as seen below, the silicone stretches out and doesn't fit snug anymore. Thankfully the company does have a warranty service and offered to take care of me this particular time, the other times I just let it go.

What type of cases and protection do you use for your mobile and electronic devices?
Have you tried something other than what I have, that doesn't stretch out over time and use?
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who wants your input.

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