RHOKin the Junk

Are you into all the junk shows?
You know the ones, American Pickers, Junk Gypsy, or Junk Salvation
I love these shows & blogs for inspiration.
In our local area we have incredible stores for junk.
One store is my favorite.
They are gearing up for Spring.

Tons of booths to get lost in & find lots of treasures.

The store has become kinda famous.

Once Kid Rock & Nate find your junk store the secret is out.
I mean really, one is friends with Oprah & the other, 
well he was married to Pam Anderson.

I can't wait to travel to this junk store.
I just know it will have some treasures.

We also have a great local flea market & vendor fair.

Do you junk?
What's your favorite junk spot?
Thinking we need to have a "RHOK the Junk" event soon.
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xoxo -
Mrs. Montgomery
Making Junk Look Cool Like...

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