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If you clicked on this post thinking I was going to offer up some great lunch ideas, you have come to the wrong place.  If you want to commiserate with another parent about your child's horrible eating habits, you have arrived.

I have the worst time making a lunch for Jacob to take to school. He is Picky McPickerson when it comes to food.  The child doesn't even like peanut butter or any form of a sandwich - the staple of my own personal school lunches.  No lunch meat for this kid.

I make him eat in the cafeteria as many days as I can.  He is more likely to get a little bit of protein that way. But then there are the days when the cafeteria serves... sandwiches.  And other ghastly foods.  

I've been sending this.

Whole grain peanut butter crackers.
It's the one peanut butter this child of mine will eat and I'm pretty sure it isn't really peanut butter.
It may say "whole grain" but it isn't really good for him.

I put this in his lunch with an apple and some chips.
I am a HORRIBLE mother.

I'm seriously out of ideas so I googled for some new ideas.  I did not see one thing I thought my child would eat.  In fact, I found some sights with school lunches that had stuff that not even I would eat.   
Surely I am not the only one who has this problem packing a lunch.  Right?  RIGHT?!!

I did come across one site with some good ideas for those of you with normal kids who might eat normal food:

Things are going to change around here.  I may go with the eat it or starve method.

I really want to know - 
What's in your kiddo's lunchbox?

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~ Mrs. Priss

Planning a lunch box revolution like...

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