TMI Mom: Oversharing My Life by Local Blogger Releases April 1

Oversharing My Life is a collection of humorous essays about parenting, marriage and life in general. It’s the first in a series of four books which, Heather Davis overshares and gives her readers way too much information about her life. Information that her mother is probably even shaking her head over.

I "met" Heather last summer when she submitted a guest post for The RHOK. I didn't know then that I was in the presence of such a famous writer. A writer who really knows how to put a pen and paper to all life's experiences and isn't afraid to share. Someone that I can learn from. I have since learned that we know mutual people and places. Small world. But, that is Oklahoma for you. I love our state.

Would you ever share openly about things you have done on the toilet? Admit that you are obsessed with toilet paper? Share that your husband brought you home a copy of Playboy? Tell everyone that you pee in the shower to save time? Oh, these are only a few of the overshared examples in the book. If you want the full story of the things above and even juicier stories than these you will have to get your very own copy of the book released on April 1, 2013. Available at Amazon.

Here is the review that I gave on Amazon and Goodreads: 

"WARNING!!! If you read in your marital bed and plan to stay in that marital bed, do NOT read this book in that bed. I laughed/giggled so hard page after page that it interrupted my sleeping husband. He told me that his pillow was not for wiping tears of laughter and if I wanted to giggle to go to another room. The laughter wasn't just at the author, but with the author. Stories and adventures that all of mothers and wives can relate too. Excellent read!!!"

About the Author:
Heather Davis has a finely-tuned snarky side which she uses on a daily basis to save her sanity. She is married to a very patient husband, and together they have two very entertaining daughters. Oversharing My Life, a collection of humorous essays, is her debut book. She and her family live in Bartlesville, OK, where she chronicles her life at

Please be sure to follow Heather's adventures on Facebook and Twitter and of course her blog! You will learn that Heather has a very colorful resume and has also appeared on the Dr. Oz show.

Isn't it just awesome that a local Oklahoma blogger/teacher/mother/wife is published? Be sure to get Heather's book and drop by to say Hi!

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