26 Miles for 26 Lives: More Tragedy Strikes

Such a very sad day yesterday. A marathon, 117 years deep in tradition, this year run in memory of the tragic loss of 26 lives in Newtown, turns tragic itself. 

The best summation I have found on how to help, or get/give further information can be found here.  Mrs. Albright also shared yesterday to show support today, wear a favorite race tee. While that isn't going to do much in the scheme of it all, showing support in some way helps people cope, and feel like they connect in somehow. It can be good for the soul to feel helpful in anyway possible.

Keep the country in your thoughts or prayers. Technologies are as always, as blessing, and a curse. Lots of false reports are out there, but also, many many people have videos and photographs that may help. Lets hope our officials combing through all of the information are able to find the source of this tragic doing.

Be hopeful friends!
"I have not given you fear" 2 Tim 1:7

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Mrs. Sinclair


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