Always the Fool

It probably says a lot about our family when I tell you that April Fool's is considered an actual holiday in my house.  I'd like to blame the Doc, but that wouldn't be too honest.  This year, I forgot to really plan out some good tricks.

As a last minute lame attempt, I was going to show my kids the "road kill" I saw.
It was not the winner of the day.

Michael was a disappointment as well.  His best joke was the good old "your shoes are untied" standby.
No one falls for that anymore around here.

Doc had nuthin'.

Jacob was the winner.
Jacob came home with brownies that he made in art class.

Any of you who have read my blog in the past know that I am not overly thrilled with the art teacher at the elementary school.  She's often cranky with the kids and grades the artwork a little harshly.  If you want the back story, you'd have to go here
It's kind of funny if you ask me.

When Jacob announced he made brownies in art class and brought them home to me, I was filled with dread.  I think I started to break into a cold sweat.  I am soooooooo not kidding.  The germaphobe within me was having an absolute panic attack.

He was going to make me eat food made with a thousand little dirty nose-picking fingers.

I saw the foil and was completely grossed out by how flattened they were.
But... the joke was on me.

I had carefully unwrapped a bunch of BROWN E's.
I have never been so relieved in my entire life.
I even forgot to be embarrassed about being April Fooled.

Here is my clever little trickster.

I was so amazed that I told him his (typically cranky) art teacher was very clever and must have been in a good mood.
That's when I found out they had a sub that day.

Did any of you get fooled this April 1st?

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~ Mrs. Priss

Fooled by a 2nd grader like...

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