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It's been a while since I have brought a craft to The RHOK, so I think I will share a fun one that I haven't shared before. We all wear shoes, right? And I know we can all go purchase these glittery canvas shoes now in stores anywhere from $15-$60. But, if a craft opportunity presents itself at my house at a shoe cost of $5, materials I have on hand and creating memories to last a lifetime I jump at it. 
I of course pulled another Real Housewife of the Internet* and used that beloved site called Pinterest to produce this idea. Take a look at this pin. If only I could have reproduced those. Here are the directions for mine.

You’ll need:
  • a pair of canvas shoes
  • 8 ounces of Mod Podge
  • 1.5 ounces of glitter
  • 1 flat foam brush
  • small bowl or cup
  • tape (preferably duck tape)
  • rhinestone decoration
  • heavy duty adhesive 

The cast of characters- as the Pioneer Woman would say!

Tape off the areas of the shoe that you do not want the glitter on- the sole of the shoe. You can't see mine, because all I had on hand was clear tape. You will mix the glitter and the mod podge together in the bowl/cup and then brush on to the shoe as seen above. Below you can see my daughter hard at work helping. She was a big help!

After the mod podge mixture dries, adhere the rhinestone piece one with the glue. I will be honest, mine did not stick well after wear, it would have done better had the end of the shoe been vinyl.
My daughter has loved these blinged out shoes. And to be honest. They have lasted so much better than the more expensive brands!

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♥Mrs. Hart♥

who likes her crafts anyway and anywhere, just as long as she can get crafty!!

*What do you think about that name? I'm thinking of moving my personal reviews/giveaways over to a new blog and separating them from my family blog. Input please...

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