I *Mustache* You to Have a Little Fun

If you don't have a dinner group with friends, then you really should form one.  The Doc and I have enjoyed being in our group for many, many years now.  If it weren't for these gatherings in all of our busy lives, we might almost never see these friends!

At the last minute, I was feeling a little more festive than usual.  I was already planning to have us celebrate the Doc's upcoming birthday but something was missing.  Then, I remembered that I had twelve friends coming... and I had twelve self-stick mustaches.  A mustache party plan was hatched with only two hours before the guests arrived.

I let the Doc take care of grilling the meat.  I took care of the mustaches.

There are all sorts of mustache signs available on Pinterest, so I printed and placed signs on the walls throughout the living room.  Fancy? No.  Easy and fun? Yes!

Our guests were met with a bowl of mustaches to choose from.
They weren't really too sure about it.

They didn't mind taking a group picture, though!

Note: if you have a runny nose, your mustache will not stick as well.
You probably didn't want to know that.

Next, came the games.  I love games, but games need prizes!  Since I only had two hours, I ran to the grocery store and bought a few candy bars to put in the gift sacks with random whatnot I found around the house (like Christmas Bath & Body soaps that were never used) to make some silly prizes.

The first competition, they didn't even know they were playing.  I had a prize for the person who wore their mustache the longest.  If you noticed the unibrow in the group picture, that was our winner.  Since he already had a mustache of his own, the unibrow was the next natural choice.  He won a pack of disposable razors, a pack of gum and a Skor candy bar.

Before dinner, I put the second mustache game in action - Which stache am I?  I placed a sticker on everyone's back that had the name of a famous person who had a mustache.  Everyone had to ask yes and no questions until they figured out who they were.  A pack of gum and a candy bar went to the friend who figured theirs out after asking only two questions.

The next game came from (a little of this and that) blog.  We played Name That Stache using cropped pictures of famous and infamous people's mustaches.  I gave copies of the game sheet to each of the players and set them to work!
All of the downloads for the game are available for free on her blog.

They were serious about winning a prize!

To my amazement, the winners had 17 out of 23 correct.  I'm pretty sure I would not have gotten more than 3 if it were up to me.

And just when they thought the games were over, I threw in the very last game of the night from Archie McPhee's Slightly Less Disappointing Blog.

Pin the Mustache on 70's Burt Reynolds.

Most of them tried to cheat and feel around on the wall and sheet.  Who knew what lengths people would go to for a pack of gum of Christmas soap?

The only other thing I would like to note is how much I love to keep fun party items on hand.  I bought these mustache straws a few years ago and put them to use.  My other favorite novelty is drink markers.  These stickers were a fun way to mark our drinks so that we could keep up with our cups.

With advance planning, this party could have been incorporated with coordinating food, well-named drink options, and more.  If I had thought of this one day ahead, I could have prepared some Pom Selleck cocktails.  See how much fun it can be?

Who is ready to host a mustache party?

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~ Mrs. Priss

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