Just Your Typical Saturday Morning

It's a typical Saturday in the Priss home.  The Doc has run off to play golf.  Michael wakes me up to ask for breakfast.  Jacob starts whining about the breakfast and takes an hour to eat it and to drink his water (side note: Jacob has to drink a 8 cups of water per day for health reasons). There's a lot more to the story, but that is the gist.  Got it?

This particular Saturday, I was tired of fighting Jacob about eating in a decent amount of time.  He can't be trusted not to toss the meal and water down the sink when we leave the room.  I can't stand hanging around the kitchen for an hour begging the poor child to do what he needs to do.

Eventually, he ended up here.
Dog poop duty.
Poopy attitudes are often improved with some dirty work.

It was cold outside, so I opted not to supervise the whole time.
Ten minutes after he started, he came screaming into the house, "SSSSSSNNNNAAAAKKKKEEE!"

After running outside, I found this little guy swimming around our pool.

Honestly, my reaction was to remind Jacob that there isn't any dog poop near the pool.

But of course, he wouldn't stay outside without his mom watching over.
I was nursing a migraine, so I threw on my hat and sunglasses with my pajamas and flip flops and stood outside making sure the job got done.  I'm stubborn that way.  Who cares if I got nauseous afterwards?  The boy picked up poop.

And I called Patrick, the RHOK mascot, for his expert snake removal service.  Via text, Patrick and some housewives determined that the snake was poisonous.  We are snake experts when we need to be.

Patrick showed up three hours later with an ice scraper and two shovels.
I'm not kidding.

He played tag with the snake using the ice scraper.
That's how our new friend ended up being eaten by the pool piggy.

And this is when the Doc shows up to offer advice... from a distance.
The Doc was all too happy to let Patrick risk his life to save our family.

Just before he was cut in half, I grabbed a picture.
He was a little guy but he wreaked havoc on Jacob's sanity.

And Patrick was disappointed to find out our snake was only a tad larger than a worm.

The End.

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Mrs. Priss

Dealing with snakes in the pool like...

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