A Glance at the Glamorous

We trust all our lovely readers had a lovely weekend full of pampering just like us.

Mrs. Montgomery feasted on hot dogs and popcorn at the baseball fields. It's a tradition since 2008. 

She also got in a little crafting while she was there. 
Cute Mrs. M! 

Mrs. Albright had a great time with family. She was showered with gifts like hand sanitizer, and even got a Mother's Day card from the dog. The Albright family doesn't even have a dog! 

She also got in some hand washing. What a weekend! 

Ms. Priss has a birthday around this time. She awoke to a question from her youngest. "Is it possible for people to die on their birthday?", he asked. Later she also was lucky enough to do laundry. 

Apparently they didn't give her this button in time! 

But later she was treated to dinner so all is well. 

Now, me, I got to watch 4 soccer games. Including 2 on Sunday. 

But that's ok. The girls did get us a rose. And won the championship.

I also got a great gift, and three cards. One for Mothers Day, one for our anniversary the 25th, and one for my birthday. June 6. 

Eventful, busy, and glamorous. That's how we roll.

None of us would change a thing. Except maybe the laundry. 

Mrs. Sinclair
For the RHOK

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