Going Home

Every once in a while, you gotta go home.
I was born an Okie and have lived in Oklahoma most of my life now.
Texas still feels more like "going home" to me even though my parents haven't lived there in years.

I loaded up my youngest, Jacob, and my mom to head for my sister's house.
And Sophie.
We can't forget Sophie.

I froze in 65 degree weather to watch my nephews play baseball.
I have a ski jacket and two blankets.
No joke.

Then Jacob and I ran off to Dallas to celebrate my adorable nephew turning one.
Jacob told his cousins he was drunk.
Turns out "drunk" and "tummyache" are interchangeable terms.

Met back up with my other nephews, my mom and my sis to see Iron Man 3.
Loved it.

But the next day, we had this.

Jacob found this dead bunny in my sister's yard and laid its stiff body on that patio table.
That's how we do breakfast in Texas.

We rounded out our trip by going to see our Popie, who is in the hospital and not doing so well.

I can't not show you this doctor's portrait from the hospital hallway.
Now that's a Texan for ya.

Jacob and I were exhausted from making the rounds.
This last photo says it all.
My children never sleep in the car.
Well, almost never.

What's it like for you to go home?

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~ Mrs. Priss

Still recovering from all of the excitement like...

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