Lip Gloss Love

I have a love {borderline unhealthy addiction} for lip gloss.
It start when I was young with these fun tubes.

Bonne Bell had me at Dr.Pepper.
From Bonne I moved to these fun tins. Who came up with this name?

I would buy every flavor from Gifts III  in Woodland Hills Mall, Tulsa.

Of course I matured to Kissing Potion.

Now I pick up all sorts of glosses. I have a few favorites. 
Burt's Bees is incredible! They don't make my color anymore so I'm bouncing between a couple of colors.
I have found this beauty. Not only is she pretty, she's cheap. Elf Gloss is $1. One whole dollar. Can't go wrong with that price. I recently gave the housewives a tube to add to their make-up bags. I hope they love it.

My all time fave is MAC

MAC is pricey, but for that special occasion it is well worth the price tag.
Are you a fellow lip gloss girl? What is your fave product & color? Help me find some new great gloss!

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Mrs. Montgomery
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