I am queen of diversions. I can find anything to do besides what I probably should be doing. I thought I'd share with you ways I waste my time. *laughing*
My #1 way I waste time is...
Some may even think I have "issues" when it comes to Facebook. I see it has a public service and even saving lives. How else would anyone know what to fix for dinner or that cutting out diet soda will save your life?  I'm thinking of creating a way to install a Paypal button on my page so people can donate for all the useful information I share. *laughing again*
The #2 way I waste time, as of late, is....

Have you played Ruzzle? Want to? It's a puzzle game where you find as many words in 2 minutes as you can. You can play your Facebook or Twitter friends or you can play random opponents. I'm down to only two Facebook friends who will play with me so I play lots of random opponents. If you want to play me, leave me a comment and we'll try to make it happen. I've been playing against a lady in her 60's who's been married for 52 years and lives in Pennsylvania. She's super good and we always have great games. Just like me to make a new friend through media. Ha!

A Beautiful Mess - App

I love, love, LOVE photography apps for my iPhone. My new favorite is A Beautiful Mess. It's a super fun way to add fonts and doodles to your pictures. Photo apps/editing leads me to my next diversion...



If you'd like to follow me (and I'll follow you right back), you can find me at none other than Dawn's Diversions! *snicker*

Those are four of my biggest diversions at the moment. Tomorrow, however, I doubt I'll get the chance to be diverted. Mrs. Priss is coming back to my house to help with organization AGAIN.
She hates that I get so diverted that I let my cabinets and closets get messy. It causes her anxiety and nightmares to think about it. (She may have a few issues of her own! *snort*) She's even warned me she has her label gun ready. Someone want to come document the event to Facebook and Instagram for me or keep me caught up on my Ruzzle games for the day?!

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~Mrs. Albright
Diverting from responsibilities, like a....

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