Finding Your Mojo

With summer here I seem to have lost my spark, my inspiration, my motivation. Between the kids home from school, summer camps, poolside days  & patio nights I have no idea how to get back on track. After some extensive research {ie. Google} I thought I would share what I have learned.

Phone a friend - don't call Debbie Downer call Happy Hannah. Call that friend that will cheer you on, give you sage advice, someone who will get you going & pump you up. Hannah, I'm calling you after this post. 

Get Out - Do something physical. Dance, play tennis, walk, swim, whatever. Get up from your chair, couch, bed & go out. It's good for your stress, hormones, mood & life. 

Train Your Brain - Negative thoughts breed a negative life. When you mind goes down that rabbit hole you  have to capture those thoughts & replace them with positive ones as many times as needed. Read motivational quotes or books, watch uplifting movies, read the Bible, listen to great music - whatever you can do to retrain your brain.

Just Do It - If there is one thing you keep going back to or get stuck on, just do it. For me, I keep passing  this pile of giveaway clothes in the corner. It's time to put them in the car & deliver or put them out to be picked up. That pile is stuck energy & it must be moved! Enough if it's not your best work, just start the job & get it done. You will be able to move on & relieved it is over.

So what do you do when you're missing your mojo, in need of motivation or in a funk? I'm looking for "Happy Hannahs" to share their sage wisdom with me.

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