And then I dropped them off at camp...

Last week I posted from the beach. 

It was lovely, minus the 30 hours in the car. 

Perhaps it was my subconscious knowing that I would need a vacation from the kids on vacation, when I booked them both for adventure camp the day after we returned. 

Whatever the case, I'm brilliant.

For the first time ever, both my kids are away for a week at a camp where no electronics are allowed. They were sure might die of withdrawals. But, no word of any deaths yet! The strange thing though is I only know what they are doing bc at random, the camp posts a few photos on Facebook.  Admittedly, not being able to contact them feels a little odd...but I'm going to pull through. 

There will be canoeing, fishing, zip lines, rope course, horses and other such outside fun. For them. 

I mean I'm really loving my camping break too, and by that I mean: 

Any camping y'all want to discuss? 

Mrs. Sinclair, 
Soaking up the silence like

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