Derecho: Are they making this up?

The "significant wind event" from Tuesday night in the OK, is now being labeled as a "derecho". I'm fairly certain the weather people are making names up for things again. 

Having lived in this very weather aware state my entire life, I've never heard if this. Ever. 

I'm lumping it in a group with gustnados, SLC's (scary looking clouds), and extreme heat warnings. AKA, things people find funny are actual things.

Only in OK, folks. Things like this: 

Can happen to metal plants hangers. 

And a 500lb BBQ & smoker:

And various other things that are now yours or gone forever: 

AKA, a pain in my derecho

What's your damage? Let us know all about it! 

So thankful for our quick power restore, 
Mrs. Sinclair
whose trampoline flew next door

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