Giudice Twins Revealed!

Even if you don't follow The Real Housewives of New Jersey chances are you know Teresa Giudice. She & her hubby, Juicy Joe, have 4 daughters.
Mr. Montgomery & I have 4 children, 2 boys, 2 girls. I have recently realized Teresa & I have 2 things in common. Her daughter, Milania & my youngest daughter look so much alike people have made comments.
My daughter also throws a mean Milania attitude from time to time. Teresa's hubby, Joe & my hubby also resemble each other.
Here is Milania Giudice

Here is my little princess

Milania {screen shot}

 My girl {head shot}

My sister will call me & ask if I saw the latest Milania out take from the RHONJ episode. They both share the love of crazy sayings.

 "Gimme pizza, you old troll. " -- Milania Giudice 
 "Hers some sort of crazy right there." -- My Youngest Daughter {and yes it is "hers"}

So this causes me to ask why do these girls look & act so similar. Then it hit me while watching the latest New Jersey episode.
Here is Juicy Joe with Tre

Here is Mr. Juicy Montgomery

Juicy Joe & my hubby could be brothers. They look a lot a like. 

Mr. Montgomery Laughing

Joe Laughing

So I'm thinking I'll tweet Tre & let her know I have some dopplegangers {Giudice Twins} for her juicy hubby & daughter.
What do you think - is there a resemblance? 
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xoxo ~
Mrs. Montgomery
Loving my good looking family like...

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