Let Go & Get Real

Have you ever felt as though you don't know yourself anymore? Do you look in the mirror & like what you see or are you frantically trying to keep some image together that you have created? Are you seeing your dreams fulfilled or are you realizing you have dropped your dreams for just trying to survive? Do you laugh when your day goes totally crazy or cry?

Let's be honest. We all have this idea in our head of how our life is supposed to be, how our days are going to go. Where do these preconceived ideas originate? Is it from our childhood, family, friends?  

It's time to let go of who you think you should be & just go with who you are right in this moment. Perfection is ridiculous. Authenticity is best. I see women struggling with trying to balance the image of what they think other's want to see & who they really are as a person. Be real. No need for outward performances. You will be loved for who you really are, not an image. Remember, there is a higher purpose for all of us. Find your calling. You are enough.

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Mrs. Montgomery
Letting Go & Finding Myself Like...

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