Sup, Girl?

Mrs. Albright and I love to go out dancing.  We love the night life.  We love to boogie.  We love to get out and show the world just how silly we are.
I'm sure we should be embarrassed.  

There is never a dull night on the dance floor.
This is an absolute truth.

Most of the places in our city that have live music also have a lot of men on the prowl.  We have discovered that the pick up lines and moves have not changed so much over the years.  It brings me back to one of the first days in college on the dance floor when I was asked the old standby, "Hey baby - what's your sign?"

I am seriously amazed by the menfolk who try these lines.  But then it begs the question -- do these lines actually work?  Wise up ladies!  Somehow, someway these must have worked for them once or they wouldn't use them again.

This past weekend was no exception.  

Best line ever was asked while the band played "Jessie's Girl" who asked... (drum roll)... (tell me you don't see this one coming)... 

"Your husband's name isn't JESSIE, is it?"


But there is just one thing I don't really understand.
Maybe you can answer this for me.

Why are the men using these lines on middle-aged, married women out for a girls' night out?

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Mrs. Priss

Who just loves to dance like...

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