Viva, Las Vegas!

Priss shared with you on Tuesday about our trip to Las Vegas last week. She left a few things out, so I thought I'd fill the rest in. 
Most of what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas is true, except for the following. 
~ I only had approximately 8 hours sleep TOTAL in the three nights I was there. (The rest is the way I remember it. Remember, I functioned on so little sleep that the details are a little blurry.) 
~ Priss had a random dude spit his drink in her face. Twice. After the second time, Priss threw ice water in his face. 
~ Priss is ultra-germaphobic. Random dude spitting in her face, TWICE, gave her the ultimate creeps. It just made me laugh. 
~The dueling piano bar at The Bar at Times Square is a must-do when visiting Vegas. We did that the second night we were there. We shall never forget that night.... mainly because of our new friends we made and the fact that I had my iPhone 5 stolen from under my nose purse. 

~When running on very little sleep and you're in desperate need of a nap, spend the day at the Bellagio spa. There you can lounge around in robes in the saunas, take dips in hot tubs and nap. I think I overheard an employee refer to us as sleeping beauties as all three of us were napping on their only sectional couch. 
~When in Vegas one should ALWAYS look up the Monroy Band. I've seen them 4 times and Priss has seen them too many times to count. Peter is quite the entertainer and his band plays the best dance music. You know you're a groupie when Peter messages you on Facebook the next morning to thank you for making seeing them part of our Vegas experience. I'm now considered a groupie because of Priss. I've learned to live with it.  Here's a little snippet of the dancing one might see at Monroy performance. They are in their 70s. I so wish we would have gotten the big dips he would do with her. Wow! And towards the end of the video, you'll see another guy out dancing. He danced to every song, by himself. People just don't care what others think in Vegas. I LOVE that. 
~Another fun place to visit (if you're not easily offended - but then again, if you're in Vegas, you probably aren't easily offended) is Carnaval Court. It is an outdoor bar next to Harrah's. They have VERY talented (and hunky) bartenders. They also have live music and a big dance area. We danced till the wee hours even though it was July. In Las Vegas. 

~FYI, did you know you can still fly home without a license? Please don't ask me how I know this. 

~It's quite possible we will be taking applications for a babysitter on our trip back next July. 

~Lastly, after spending 24 hours a day for more than 2 days with girlfriends, you might become depressed when you return to real life. We've decided having so much fun from sun up to sun down together was very entertaining and we liked being entertained all the time. I miss these two like crazy. We can't wait to do another girls' trip together. 

~Oh, one more thing. None of us peed or pooped our pants. Believe me, it so very likely could have happened. Speaking of poop, after I lost my phone I used Priss' phone to connect to the outside world, ie.. Facebook. I guess I accidentally left my Facebook page open for her to hack. She thought it was SO, SO, SO funny to make my status say:  I've gotta poop.... feeling excited. 
It's a good thing she's cute and funny and I have a good sense of humor. #justsaying 

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~Mrs. Albright
Looking forward to our next adventure, like...

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