(Insert Scream Here)

I'm out of town at a conference. All about crimes against children. Let me tell you, the fact there is a whole 4 day conference concerning this is disturbing enough, let alone the titles of the workshops I've sat through. Whoa. 

I have learned a lot, and I learned so much about how to be a private eye on google, I just may share some of that with you guys next time. Stay tuned. You'll be shocked and amazed!

Meanwhile this is how I'm feeling:

I'm feeling like that little guy. In the bottom of a big purse. There's so much I need to do at home, but I'm not going to be there until late tomorrow!  Being gone 5 days this close to school starting is stressing me out. 

And I have no laptop here. So, this is all there is. 

Stay tuned for more interesting tales soon.

Mrs. S
out of town, out of her mind

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