My Top 10 for Summer 2013

With first day of school pictures starting up on Facebook and our own first day back looming in the near future, I thought it might be nice to reflect on my summer.  Amazingly, I pulled pictures from my files and it turns out I have exactly ten favorite summer memories.  Isn't that nice, David Letterman?

I'm hoping this will inspire some of you to compile your own list and include it in the comments.  If you have a blog, send me the link when you comment!  I would love to know what you have been up to this summer!  If you don't have a blog, just type it out in the comments.  Even if you didn't take a big trip, it is always nice to think about what made this part of your year special.

With a kiddo starting high school this year, I guess I'm enjoying looking backwards more than forwards.  I honestly don't know where the time has gone.  I look at that man-child's face and think that my little boy can't possibly be ready for high school!  Eek!  For the record, I had Michael when I was nine years old so I'm still so very young.

We started off the summer with a fun trip to Grand Lake O' The Cherokees with my lifelong friend, Melinda, and her family.  There is something extra special about a friend you have known for 34 years (which is hard to believe since I just told you I am 23 in the paragraph before this one).  I love her and I love her family.  We had the BEST time spending the day with them.  What you can't see in the picture is that I kept my eyes closed most of the time I spent on this tube because I was sure it would flip.

Priss, Priss' son Jacob, Melinda at the lake

The one day I took the boys to the new pool at the country club, the firemen showed up and sprayed the kids down.  It goes without saying that my favorite part was watching the firemen and the boys favorite part was being soaked by the water hose.

No fires here!
Another highlight was flying down to Houston to be a part of one of my best friends' surprise party celebration.  Leslie was in shock!  The Doc and I were in Houston for exactly 16 hours.  It was a whirlwind and we were tired, but it was worth it!

High School friends plus Leslie's Glamazon sister-in-law in the middle.
Taking the boys to the beach is always, always a highlight.  Beach vacations are so relaxing!  This trip we saw two sharks swimming nearby and a crab got my whole foot in his claw.  I was just fine after a few drinks.

My boys - playing with hermit crabs on the beach.
These pictures are all out of order, but you don't mind - right?  
This summer I surprised the Doc for his birthday (which was April) and coordinated a golf trip with friends to Branson.  It was so much fun!  At night, we played The Game of Things in our condo.  If you are looking for a fun game for a group of adults, this one is hysterical.  I am hoping for an encore next year.

Doc & Priss on the left with friends in Branson

Believe it or not, a trip to the dentist made the list.  The boys love going to the Doc's office!  Here is Jacob getting his teeth cleaned and Michael... um... being Michael... on the other side of the window.  We made a Harlem Shake video while we waited.

Doc's office
 I was tired of my boring and messy office so we painted it green.  It felt good to clean this room out!

Only I would consider reorganizing a a summer highlight, yes?
Our annual trek to Colorado must always make the list.  This year, the Doc's sister and her family joined us.  The kids loved it!

Michael and his cousin at the top of the rocks

The day after school let out, my friend Mary and I took the boys to Branson.  We did all of the cheesy touristy stuff.  The boys loved the wax museum.

Beam us up, Scotty!
Vegas.  You've already heard about this girls-only trip twice.  It is worth a third mention.  We are still having withdrawals.  We would tell you more, but what happens in Vegas...

Albright, Leslie & Priss with two new friends at New York, New York piano bar

And that sums up my most fun summer moments.
Now it is YOUR turn.

What did you do this summer?

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