The Bad Ones

I'm at a loss of words, and ideas. Summer is coming to a close and my mind is going with it. 

I searched a lot of blogging ideas. But, I have no tattoo to show you. Nor do I think telling you what I think of my inlaws is a good idea. 

So, instead, showing what pictures never get published seemed a good option today. I mean I do have 3,345 pictures on my phone at the moment. 

Enjoy. Or not. 


I have lots of these I delete. My niece, she is not a fan of photos. 

No clue here. Someone must of wanted extra fanning so much the took a photo. 


Stop taking pictures of me with my phone face. Usually more angry looking. 

Look! Shoes. 

No idea. 

Anything exciting, or not,  you find on your phones? 

Scraping the bottom, 
Mrs. Sinclair
(It's too hot for me to say something funny)

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