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We just started school this week, but the two weeks before school started were full of visits from family.  My kiddos had a great time with their cousins.  The weather was not hot enough to spend a day in the pool (Oklahoma... in August... what??) but it was absolutely perfect for a day at the zoo.  

You are either a zoo person, or you are not.
We are zoo people.

For my sister and I, the day was a time of reflection from zoo trips as kids.  My mom was quick to mention the polar bears mating at my 6th birthday party.  My sister had sweet memories of riding on the train with our grandfather.  Me?  I just love the zoo.

I'm fairly certain the boys' memories for the visit will revolve around seeing this.

I wonder what has captured the boys' attention?
I have video (of course!) but I will not make you watch the horrors we witnessed.
We went straight from butt-picking monkeys to nose-picking statues.
That's how it is when you have boys.

Picking the Chia Head's nose...
My oldest son, Michael, took a selfie with a goat in the petting zoo.  
I guess this goat gets his picture taken a lot because he put a nice big grin on his face!

Every trip to the Tulsa Zoo involves spinning the world around.  If you've been here, you know what I am talking about.  No matter how many times you come here, they must must must spin that thing.

My two boys with my three nephews

When it was all said and done, big red (my Michael) carried little red (my nephew) out of the zoo so we could go get some ice cream.

And in case you were wondering, the ice cream was my favorite part of the day.

Fall is almost here and the weather will be perfect for being outdoors.
How will you spend your days?

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