iOS 7: tips & secrets

I always get asked a lot of questions each time apple switches us up. Or Facebook, or most anything really. Many people are opposed to change. But I love it when they change things! I'm kind of a nerd like that. 

Also, there are many occasions when someone says "I wish there was a way to..." and I answer "There is!". I'm really surprised a lot at how much some people don't know! 

So, I really hope this post teaches you something new! Likewise, comment if you know a tip you think is helpful. 

First, adding characters to letters. You know like a tilde over an "n" in Spanish.  All you do is hold down the letter key for a second, then it will pop up the choices. Choose it, and voilá! You're in business. 

That's not an iOS7 thing, but this is! New faster service to find your flash light, volume and loads of other things like the calculator. Simply swipe your finger up from the bottom of your phone upward. 

Next, let's talk camera. When your camera is open, and you're taking a selfie at an odd angle your + volume button acts as a shutter too! And, if you want to take a burst of continuous shots, press your - volume.

Speaking of pictures, you can now add one in an email! That's right, you don't have to start from pictures! Finally. When you're in an email body hold your finger down, just like to get the select, copy, paste option. Once you see that, there's an arrow on the right. Push it to find insert photo option!

In your music app, you can find iRadio. This is something worth playing around with! So many things you can do! So much better than Pandora. 

There are new ringtones, try those out. 

In the compass app if you swipe left, it becomes a level. You know, if you're doing carpentry on the fly. 

A big issue with 7 is battery life. To help, in settings, general you can turn off background apps. This helps a lot! There is also a new way to close background apps. Before, when you double clicked the home button you'd see them shaking with an X. Now they look like this; 

Simply swipe the page up & it closes. Easy.  This also helps battery life. 

Under accessibility there are new options as well, like building text & changing contrast. 

I don't know about you, but I'm super loving auto updates! If you failed to choose this, go to the settings in the App Store and toggle it back on. I love not all the sudden seeing 45 things that need updated in that little box. 

That brings us to our pal, Siri. You can now change her to a him. Among other things...and you can teach her how to pronounce things.

Last, and certainly not least, for the first time YOU CAN BLOCK PHONE NUMBERS. A small miracle, apparently. On the bottom of their contact card, there's a BLOCK THIS CALLER button. Amazing! 

I hope one of these helped at least one of you! There's so much more, but I'm not typing a novel. :) 

Enjoy! Comment! Leave more tips!

Mrs. Sinclair
who loves technology

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