Ready for the Return of the Elves?!?

Here at the Sinclair household, there's a countdown that's been going on for a month. 

Not for Thanksgiving Break, but for the return of Chuckie. Our elf.

Lately, I've been coerced into sewing tiny soccer jerseys. 

This is Isabella pictured- the NOT magic elf, but aka our regular household elf. Our Elf on the Shelf Chuckie (who is still at the North Pole) uses her a lot in his antics, they're friends. Anyway, they'll both have jerseys that match. Just what everyone needs! Elves in soccer jerseys.

By the way, for those with kids who get annoyed or tempted with the magic elf rules, having a non magic elf friend really helps! ;)  I've seen a few of you post about this, and I get it. Having a friend elf really helps with the temptations, and they are also excellent at relaying messages to the magic elves. No, I don't know how it works- it's magic, remember? 

So, I'm busy planning, I mean, wondering how Chuckie will make his grand entrance. It's a lot of pressure. Anyone want to share their best ideas?  This is the time ladies & gentlemen! 

Remember, only 5 more days until your timelines are bombarded by tricky magic elves. 

Conjuring up some magic plans,
Mrs. Sinclair
Ready for some elfie antics 

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